Dear Brothers and Sisters that support Prayer Tents,
Thank you for your continued support.
Prayer Tents app is under revision and it will now directly include the Bible instead of being a separate app. The 'Prayer Tents Bible' app will soon be removed from Google Play and Appstore. I encourage you to download the 'Prayer Tents' app to continue using the same features.

New features that are coming include personal dashboards and ability to go from different devices to review history of your searches (along with when and where you searched for them). Additionally, this will compound with the original 'Prayer Tents' app where you can connect and share your insights with others. Prayer Tents is transitioning to small group models as opposed to 1-on-1 dialogues in the past.

So in the meanwhile, install the new 'Prayer Tents' app from Google Play (Android) and Appstore (Apple) and create an account in Prayer Tents. More details (and features) to follow...

Again, thank you for your support. Please feel free to share with me how Prayer Tents has been helpful to you and/or how it can better serve you so that you may reach neighbors around you with the Gospel of Jesus.


Dr. Sang Sur
President, Prayer Tents
October 3, 2019