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PART 1: Introduction and Overview of the Biblical World

PART 2: Historical Geography of the Biblical World

1. Before Abraham

2. The World of the Patriarchs

3. The Sojourn in Egypt and the Exodus

4. The Wilderness Journeys, Conquest, and Settlement

5. The United Monarchy

6. The Kingdoms of Israel and Judah

7. The Assyrian Era

8. The Babylonian Era

9. The Persian Era

10. The Hellenistic Era

11. The Maccabean Era

12. The Roman Era

PART 3: Regional Geography of the Biblical World

Introduction to Regional Maps

R-1. Biblical World

R-2. Mesopotamia, Levant, Media

R-3. Southern Anatolia, Cyprus, Northern Levant

R-4. Western Anatolia

R-5. Macedonia and Achaia

R-6. Crete

R-7. Central Italy

R-8. Italy and North Africa

R-9. Egypt

R-10. Sinai

R-11. Palestine

R-12. Judea

R-13. Samaria

R-14. Galilee, Tyre, Mount Hermon

R-15. Gilead

R-16. Moab

R-17. Edom

R-18. Philistia

R-19. Jerusalem in Old Testament Times

R-20. Jerusalem after the Exile

R-21. Jerusalem in New Testament Times

PART 4: Appendixes and Indexes

Timeline of Biblical History

Kings of Israel and Judah

The Herodian Dynasty

Selected Bibliography