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THIS SECTION CONTAINS ELEVATION maps of various geographical regions of the biblical world. In contrast to the maps of the Historical Geography section (Part 2), which present biblical and archaeological data synchronically (limited to specific events or time periods of Bible history), these maps present such data diachronically (inclusive of information over the whole of Bible history), much the way a visitor to the region encounters the archaeological evidence today. No distinction is made on these maps regarding the time periods in which each biblical site existed. For ancient routes,35.25°however,E line style (dashed, dotted, etc.) indicates in what period(s) the road likely existed 180 (see legend).

All maps are presented in Lambert Conformal Conic projection overlaid with a standard geodetic grid (longitude and latitude). For the maps of Palestine and its subregions, markings and labels have also been included for the Palestine Grid 1923 (which utilizes another projection), since many archaeological and biblical resources use this coordinate system for Palestine. All elevation coloration is derived from data provided by NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey (see copyright page for more information). For the maps of Jerusalem, Todd Bolen ( graciously provided an overlay of Charles Wilson’s Ordnance Survey of Jerusalem (1865).



PART 1: Introduction and Overview of the Biblical World

PART 2: Historical Geography of the Biblical World

1. Before Abraham

2. The World of the Patriarchs

3. The Sojourn in Egypt and the Exodus

4. The Wilderness Journeys, Conquest, and Settlement

5. The United Monarchy

6. The Kingdoms of Israel and Judah

7. The Assyrian Era

8. The Babylonian Era

9. The Persian Era

10. The Hellenistic Era

11. The Maccabean Era

12. The Roman Era