Hymn 304. 어머니의 넓은 사랑 (Precious Love, the Love of Mother) - Prayer Tents

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Hymn 304장. (New Hymn 579장)
어머니의 넓은 사랑
(Precious Love, the Love of Mother)

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1. 어머니의 넓은 사랑
귀하고도 귀하다
그 사랑이 언제든지
나를 감싸줍니다
내가 울 때 어머니는
주께 기도 드리고
내가 기뻐 웃을 때에
찬송 부르십니다

2. 아침 저녁 읽으시던
어머니의 성경책
손때 남은 구절 마다
모습 본 듯합니다
믿는 자는 누구든지
영생함을 얻으리
외워주신 귀한 말씀
이제 힘이 됩니다

3. 홀로 누워 괴로울 때
헤매다가 지칠 때
부르시던 찬송 소리
귀에 살아옵니다
반석에서 샘물 나고
황무지가 꽃 피니
예수님과 동행하면
두려울 것 없어라

4. 온유하고 겸손하며
올바르고 굳세게
어머니의 뜻 받들어
보람 있게 살리다
풍파 많은 세상에서
선한 싸움 싸우다
생명 시내 흐르는 곳
길이 함께 살리라
1. Precious love, the love of mother,
Broad and deep beyond all praise!
Precious love, it stirs my spirit
Gives me gladness all my days.
Mother prayed when I was weeping,
Made my sorrows all her own;
And when I was glad and smiling
Sang her praises at the Throne.

2. Precious Book, my mother's Bible,
Which she read me morn and night.
Still I see her read, and, pausing,
Call some treasure to my sight:
"Whosoever but believeth
Shall receive eternal life."
Precious words of her reciting,
Still my strength in mortal strife!

3. When I lie alone and troubled,
Restless with exhausting fears,
Mother's voice, in hymns she sang me,
Echoes living in my ears:
"From the rock flow springs of water;
In the desert flowers grow."
"Those who walk the way with Jesus
Need fear nothing here below."

4. Mother's life was sweet and humble,
Strong and firm in doing right.
I can make my life worth living
With her ever in my sight.
Mother, in a world of tempests,
Fought the good fight all her days;
Soon, by streams of living water,
I shall live with her always.

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