New Hymn . 요나처럼 순종않고 (I went away against His will) - Prayer Tents

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New Hymn 281장.
요나처럼 순종않고
(I went away against His will)

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With Lyrics:
1. 요나처럼 순종 않고
곁길 갔던 나의 모습
야곱처럼 간사하여
주님 말씀 배반해도
우리 주님 사랑으로
오래도록 참으시고
주님 예수 십자가로
죄인 구원하시었네

2. 삼손처럼 실패하고
눈물로써 보낸 세월
주님 제자 시몬처럼
우리 주를 배반해도
주님 예수 사랑으로
따스하게 품으시고
주님 예수 은총으로
못난 것을 부르셨네

3. 바울처럼 주님 위해
모든 것을 버리고서
거저 주신 은총으로
죽음에서 살았으니
남은 생애 주의 영광
말씀으로 승리하여
성령님의 인도 따라
온몸으로 섬기리라
1. I went away against His will Like Jonah who disobeyed God.
I was cunning in every way Like Jacob who betrayed Esau.
Wanting for long in His mercy Jesus made me come back to Him.
On the cross Christ died for my sins Thanks to Him for His saving love.

2. I spent my life wasting the time Just like Samson wept for his sins.
I betrayed Christ like Judas did Who sold Him for thirty silvers.
Jesus our Lord forgave my sins He embraced me in His strong arm.
He has called me in His great love For the neighbors humbly to serve.

3. I will give up everything Like St. Paul did for his dear Lord.
Christ has saved me from sin and death By His grace He gave me new life.
For HIS glory I will live on With His Words till we wind the world.
I will serve Him giving my life As the Spirit lead on my way.

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