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New Hymn 561장.
예수님의 사랑은
(Jesus' love for every one)

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With Lyrics:
1. 예수님의 사랑은 따뜻한 사랑
햇빛처럼 포근히 날 품어 주시네
잠들 때나 깰 때나 늘 지켜주시니
그의 사랑 고마워 찬송합니다

2. 예수님의 말씀은 참 좋은 말씀
듣고 듣고 들어도 또 새로운 말씀
샘물처럼 흐르는 한없는 말씀과
그의 사랑 고마워 찬송합니다

3. 해와 달은 하늘의 빛이 되지만
예수님은 온 세계 참 빛이랍니다
온 세상을 밝히는 우리의 예수님
그의 사랑 고마워 찬송합니다
1. Jesus' love for every one warm, kind and tender.
Gently, like the sun's soft rays, holds me with loving care.
When I'm sleeping or awake, He's always there with me.
Let's all thank and Praise the Lord for His love and care.

2. Jesus' word for every one each time we listen,
Teaches something fresh and new, each story told again.
For His word that never fails, like flowing mountain streams.
Let's all thank and Praise the Lord for His love and care.

3. Sun and moon and stars above light up the whole sky.
But the whole world's shining light is Jesus, our true friend.
Sing a song to Jesus Christ! He makes the whole world light.
I will thank and Praise the Lord for His love and care.

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