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New Hymn 601장.
하나님이 정하시고
(God has chosen two of His own)

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With Lyrics:
1. 하나님이 정하시고
때가 되어 만남으로
믿음으로 준비시켜
깊은 사랑 고백하네
말씀 위에 손을 얹고
축복으로 출발하니
하나님의 크신 사랑
감사하며 찬양하세

2. 예수님의 크신 은혜
가슴마다 감동 주어
서로 다른 마음들을
이해하고 감싸주네
아름다운 부부로서
사랑으로 하나 되고
예수 믿는 귀한 언행
널리 널리 나타내세

3. 성령님의 크신 역사
믿음으로 갈망하여
우리 부부 한 맘으로
주님 뜻에 순종하네
가족 친지 교우 사랑
소망으로 세워 주고
주님 사랑 실천하여
온 세상에 증거되리
1. God has chosen two of His own, At the right time meeting in Him.
Demonstrating your profound love Based on your strong faith in the Lord.
Laying your hands upon God's Word. You start your life blest by God's love.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Sing the great love That comes from God.

2. Tell the grape of Jesus our Lord, Sing from your hearts moved by God's love.
Our life in one with Jesus Christ Makes our two minds unite as one.
Beautiful pair, lovely to see, They become one joined in Christ's love.
As believers they live their faith By Words and Thee before the Word.

3. Holy Spirit work in their lives Strengthen increase deepen their love.
They will obey God's holy will As man and wife joined to be one.
They will share love fam'lies and friends People they meet in faith and hope.
Loving neighbour they testify To the whole world as Christ shows us.

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