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New Hymn 61장.
우리가 기다리던
(We have been waiting for the dawning year)

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With Lyrics:
1. 우리가 기다리던 새벽하늘 밝아온다
성도여 찬송하라 사랑의 주 하나님을
슬픔은 사라지고 기쁜 아침 동 터온다
다 같이 찬송하라 평화의 주 하나님을

2. 어둡던 저 하늘이 찬란하게 밝아 온다
기쁘게 찬양하라 구원의 주 하나님을
근심은 물러가고 새벽 별이 비쳐온다
전하자 기쁜 소식 생명의 주 하나님을

3. 고요한 아침 나라 영광 속에 밝아온다
주님께 감사하라 평화의 왕 하나님께
고통은 사라지고 새 희망이 솟아난다
성도여 찬양하라 승리의 주 하나님을
1. We have been waiting for the dawning year that Draws near to us.
Give our praise to the living God, God of love. Sing of His name.
Jesus has changed our sadness, And the sun shiners on a bright dawn.
Praise Him, Oh, saints, together God of peace who brings peace on earth.

2. Dark night is giving way to brilliant skies that Shine for us all.
Sing with a joyful new heart for His saving Grace for us all.
Jesus has spared our sorrows, And the morning star shines brightly.
Spread good news to the people God of life, who gives life to us.

3. Land of the morning clam is turning to a Glorious day.
Thanks to our King of peace give, bringing good news, Good news of peace.
Jesus has made our pain fade. And the new hope, too, is reborn.
Sing out His glory as one God of triumph who gives victory.

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