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New Hymn 97장.
정혼한 처녀에게
(To a maid engaged to Joseph)

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With Lyrics:
1. 정혼한 처녀에게 주 천사 나타나
두려워하지 말라 참 기쁜 소식을
온 세상 사람에게 나 전파하노라

2. 주 은혜받은 자여 큰 복이 있으라
주님이 함께하니 큰 영광이로다
주 너를 택하시사 큰 복을 주셨네

3. 천사의 말을 듣고 엎드린 마리아
떨리는 마음으로 그 말씀 들었네
주 천사 전한 말씀 그 맘에 새겼네

4. 무서워하지 말라 너 잉태하리니
그 탄생하는 아기 예수라 하리라
온 세상 다스리는 만왕의 왕이라

5. 마리아 말하기를 이런 일 있을까
전능한 주님께서 너 함께하시며
그 크신 권능으로 널 덮으시리라

6. 주 말씀 듣고 나서 마리아 엎드려
나 주의 종이오니 뜻대로 하소서
나 이 몸 주께 맡겨 그 말씀 따르리
1. To a maid engaged to Joseph, The angel Gabriel came.
"Fear not," the angel told her, "I come to bring good news,
Good news I come to tell you. Good news, I say, good news."

2. "For you are highly favored By God, the Lord of all,
Who even now is with you. You are on earth most blest,
You are most blest, most blessed, God chose you, you are blest!"

3. But Mary was most troubled To hear the angel's word.
What was the angel saying? It troubled her to hear,
To hear the angel's message. It troubled her to hear."

4. "Fear not, for God is with you, And you shall hear a child.
His name shall be called Jesus, God's offspring from on high.
And He shall reign forever, Forever reign on high."

5. "How shall this be?" said Mary, "I am not yet a wife."
The angel answered quickly "The power of the Most High
Will come upon you shortly; Your child will be God's child."

6. As Mary heard the angel, She wondered at his words.
"Behold, I am your handmaid," She said unto her God.
"So be it, I am ready According to your Word."

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