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20. Ok, so when it comes to salvation all we have to do is just trust and believe that Jesus's sacrifice was enough to pay for our sins right? There is absolutely nothing else we need to do in order to be saved? Or is there still something else we need to do as well? Also when it comes to sanctification is that all God's work or does the Christian have to contribute as well. I am only asking this because I've been doubting my own salvation and being assured that I am eternally secured. And that's mainly due to my general attitude and feelings and lack of guilt towards things that I think I am doing wrong (when I do recognize I am doing something wrong I somewhat try to make amends but it's the fact that I lack any sort of remorse and feel no guilt for what I do that makes me question myself the most).
Asked by: Christian on May 16, 2021 10:05:55 pm


That is an excellent question, and I am glad you asked. Many people call themselves Christians because of a one-time thing such as reading a tract or coming down for an altar call when the speaker calls them up. Many so-called "Christians" also believe they are of faith because they attend church on Sundays or their parents call themselves Christians. Your asking for clarity shows that you are looking for more, and I truly commend your asking.

True Christians are people whose lives are transformed by God. Jesus encounters them so that their lives are not the same anymore. Christians will remember that first encounter even as they age over the years. That encounter changes the reason for living and the direction of their lives.

As you say, the faith is all that truly matters (you are right, no action is required on our part, see Ephesians 2:8-9); however, the faith comes from God (otherwise, we would say we did something to earn the salvation!). It means that many people who went to a revival service and went up to the front when the speaker called them, read a special prayer, or even attend church today may not be Christians. Christians are those who encountered God and received this faith to believe in Him.

When God enables them to believe, there are always actions that go along with it. For example, when a man loves a woman, he would give his time, money, and anything else because of that love. Perhaps a better example may be how parents act toward their children. Many parents would give up even their lives for the children to have a better life. These actions that lovers take, are they necessary? No, but it comes from the heart. That is the actions of faith that are discussed in James 2:14-26. However, these actions DO NOT precede faith in God. It is a result of the faith that actions come. Actions themselves do not produce the faith--only God can do that.

How can you know you are a Christian, a child of God? You can know if the Holy Spirit pulls you away from sin and causes you to remember the wrongs you have done to repent. A Christian can sin (and will sin), but they will feel remorse, ask for forgiveness, and desire not to do it again (though they can fall again at a later time because we, as humans, are imperfect). Let me give you an example:

Let's suppose Bob is a not-yet-believer. He has a heated argument with his wife and has no love for her as he demands many selfish desires. Bob probably would not feel sorry for that. Yet, let's say six months later, he encounters Jesus and has the same situation happen. The Holy Spirit would remind him of the wrongs Bob has done to his wife. It would be beyond Bob's actions and words to include the coldness of Bob's heart toward his wife. Bob would likely want to tell God and his wife that he is sorry and desire not to do that again. That is a picture of sanctification. The Holy Spirit dwells among Christians, reminds us of our wrongs, and keeps us going on the right path (See John 14:26).

So, the second part of your statement regarding feeling no guilt concerns me somewhat, but that is not conclusive. You felt you needed to correct something, and that is why you posted this question!

Salvation is the initiation of your relationship with God. How can you know if you are saved? Talk with Him. How are your times of prayer?

If you feel you lack prayer or even the saving faith, it can also be God letting you know to draw close to Him. Think of Moses at the Burning Bush (Read Exodus 2 for the setting and beginning of Exodus 3 to see what happened). Moses needed that encounter with God to fulfill his destiny. God's great plan for him was not to be the Pharoah's son or to tend to the sheep. God had a more excellent plan, and this may be a similar call for you.

How is your involvement in your local church? God can undoubtedly encounter you in any way, but it is likely within relationships with other believers. I encourage Christians to be in small groups so that deep relationships are built among few believers.

Let me know how I can help. God may be calling you to something greater today.

Answered by Dr. Sang Sur

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