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33. (1)Why did Jesus left the church on the world? (2) what is the essence of the church and the functions of a church?
Asked by: Male, Asia, 26-35 on August 27, 2021 3:16:20 am


Excellent Question. Thanks for asking it.

God still dwells with us.

If you read the Bible from Genesis to the New Testament, you'll find that sin prevented us, all humankind, from remaining close with God. To stay in His guidance and protection, the Jewish people had to follow imperfect rituals by killing animals to be acceptable to God (See Hebrews 9:13-14).

To get rid of such a temporary system, God came to earth in human form so that He can shed blood to atone for our sins. His perfect sacrifice atones our sins and enables us to draw close to God.

Now, to answer your question, Jesus left earth so that He may send us the Holy Spirit (John 16:7, See also John 7:32-39). Jesus took care of the sin problem by completing his work as a human being.

The next step was to be close to God, and He did it by sending us the Holy Spirit to dwell in us. That is why Colossians 1:27 says Christ lives in you. The Holy Spirit, who is God, guides the believers and walks with them.

Then, to your second question, the essence of the Church is to be Christ's body acting on His behalf, being led by the Head, who is Jesus Christ who dwells in us (the Holy Spirit). There are many verses to consider, and of the few:

Ephesians 5:23 - Jesus is the Head of the Church, and we are the body, the Church (see also 1Corinthians 10 on how the body is formed of many individuals).

Matthew 5:13-16 - this is an example of Jesus's teachings. The Church is to represent Jesus by following the directions He has given us.

Philippians 3:20 (see full context in verses 12-21) - wait for Jesus to return. Represent Jesus and complete the call that He has given us.

Acts 2:42-47 - The activities of the first church are summarized in verse 42. The believers focused on learning about God ("apostle's teaching"), fellowship, eating together, and prayer.

The Church is to operate as the body of Christ, doing what the Head directs us to do as we await His return. Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit so that we can receive His guidance and be close to Him.

Many blessings!

Answered by Dr. Sang Sur

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