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6. In Exodus 25, The Israelites were asked to bring a list to build the tabernacle. What more or less will the monetary value of that list be today? Thank you.
Asked by: Female, Africa, Christian, 26-35 on February 28, 2021 9:07:43 pm


Thanks for the excellent question. Though you asked about Exodus 25, the chapters that follow may better answer your specific question. Exodus chapters 25-40 include building the tabernacle and other components used within the tabernacle, including the clothing to be worn by the priests.

Fortunately, the direct answer to your question appears in Exodus 38. In verse 21, it says this is an inventory of the materials used in building the tabernacle, which is your question. Verses 24, 25, and 29 provide perhaps the most costly tabernacle components: gold, silver, and bronze.

29 talents and 730 shekels of gold (the equivalent of 2,193 pounds*),
100 talents and 1,775 shekels of silver (the equivalent of 7,545 pounds*), and
70 talents and 2,400 shekels of bronze (the equivalent of 5,310 pounds*)

Some notes:
* These are weights that the Bible version of "New Living Translation" (NLT) provides. See (

3,000 shekels = 1 talent
Online calculators show calculations of these estimates: (For example...)

So, how much would it cost for those three materials?

The prices of gold, silver, and bronze change regularly. We will use the following website and today's time and date to get a number for our calculation:
February 28, 2021, 8:34pm Eastern Standard Time (NYC time)

Spot Gold US 1741.64oz
Spot Silver US 26.8325oz

Bronze, unfortunately, does not have an exact price point. Based on the following website, let's assume bronze costs $1.90lb

16 oz = 1 lb.

Gold = 1741.64x 16 x 2193 = $61,088,208.00br />Silver = 26.8325x 16 x 7545 = $3,239,219.40br />Bronze = 1.90x 5310 = $10,089.00br />
It turns out bronze is a less significant part of the cost. The gold and silver combined would be more than $64M.

So, the answer to your question would be that it would cost at least $64M today for the Tabernacle materials as described in Exodus. Remember, this excludes the cost of other materials that are written in Exodus 25:4-7.


Answered by Dr. Sang Sur

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