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68. Jesus has appointed me to give an Encouragement speech for my Pastor. Are there any scriptures you can suggest…?
Asked by: Male, Over 60, North America on August 11, 2022 4:52:26 pm


Thanks for writing.

I am glad you are speaking to and hearing from Jesus.

Would you be able to share some more context on what Jesus asked to share with your pastor?

Throughout Scriptures, God uses all kinds of people to speak to all kinds of people.

Some examples are to people who don't want to hear -- like Moses telling the Pharaoh to let all his slaves go. Another may be prophets like Ezekiel or Jeremiah that tells people to turn back to God.

God uses animals to speak to people (Numbers 22:28 )

Now, within the Church, which are disciples of Jesus, including you and me... the context of the conversation should often occur within a relationship. So, if God told you to tell me something... I would be grateful to hear it. I would love for you to take me out to lunch, and converse about how each of us are doing and speaking about any insight God has shared with you.

I think one of the problems with today is people rarely hear from God (see 1Samuel 3:1 for example). This causes some feeling of superiority for someone to hear from God. It may cause something like "Thus saith the Lord" -- you better listen to what I say. I think that is abuse, and I don't believe God has spoken to people who would speak that way.

Imagine God speaks to everyone, everyday -- which He does, but people do not recognize it.

It would not be out of ordinary that you tell a pastor, a friend, or other Christian brothers and sisters something you heard from God. It would not be a special event, but a usual event. With that in mind, my hope is that it is a message of love and strengthening for your pastor.

Please share with me the details and perhaps I can provide better guidance.

Again, thanks for writing.

Many blessings!

Answered by Dr. Sang Sur

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