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75. I am a Muslim man. It has been a long time since I thought about Christian Lord Jesus. I like to hear about Jesus because I can feel that the Lord Jesus is the real God. I am 33 years old already, and I am a Muslim man. But nothing, my soul, my brain cannot rest; it is unfair. Is it true and Real? My heart is now slowly opening to knowing about Jesus. Nobody is pushing me to do this. I do all this coming from my heart. Please help me. I need Jesus' blessing.
Asked by: Male, 26-35, Asia, Other Religion on January 24, 2024 2:04:36 am


Thanks for writing. I am so glad to hear your openness to knowing about Jesus today.

You are correct that practicing the Muslim faith can leave a person dry and restless. The critical difference between the Muslim and Christian faith is who does the saving work.

The Muslim faith relies on the five pillars. Doing the repeated acts declares the person righteous, while not being so faithful to them makes them feel away (dejected) by God.

In the Christian faith, Jesus has already handled what prevents us from having a close, deep relationship with God, and we can speak with God as His children. That's an intimate conversation, not forced multiple times a day, but one where we can go to God any time. He hears us, and He responds to us. The dialogue gives us direction in life, peace, and joy. Following God, He provides for all our needs, and there are no worries in a believer's life. Here is a link to where you can see the basic beliefs of Christians (https://www.prayertents.com/gospel101).

Now, how can you know about Jesus? You can believe in your heart, and may God transform you that way! Yet, you should walk with another Christian brother who would guide you and help you know the true God. Is there a Christian church near you? That is the best way since you cannot practice discipleship being isolated or through online means. Christians gather together to worship and grow—it cannot be done alone!

So please let me know how I can help from here. I hope you can find a local church and that there is minimal impact from your family and friends as you try to explore this new faith.

Many blessings!

Answered by Dr. Sang Sur

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