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Welcome! If you are interested in learning about the Christian faith or the Gospel (Good News) that Jesus brings, you came to the right place. Meeting God, we believe, occurs in contexts of relationships, or through continued connections with few people that are similar to you in pursuits and interests (small groups). In a small group, you can get to know the people at an individual level and certainly ask any questions you may have. You are not forced to believe or do anything, but you can observe the lives of the members in your midst. We welcome you and encourage you to find a small group close to you (proximity, to allow for continued gathering and observation - also brotherhood/sisterhood that cannot occur from afar) and one that is similar to your pursuits, lifestyle, and interests (for example, if you are a single guy, being amidst married mothers with children may not encourage sharing lives together).

For Christians, your calling to growth also occurs in small groups... this is called discipleship. We encourage you to be part of growing small groups, especially within your local church. There are also para-church organizations that lead small groups for specific interests such as for businessmen (e.g. CBMC) or other focuses or pursuits. If you feel led, you may even start your own small group in your area, and we will support you the best we can. Our vision is to make small groups available everywhere so that anyone interested in learning about God may make contact and take part in a group whose members have similar pursuits and interests to form relationships and come to know God over time. Love is our highest calling, and we grow in that through discipleship in small groups.

NYC Christian Businessmen
NYC Christian Businessmen for Christ
Professionals and business owners in NYC
Manhattan, New York, NY, USA (5384.3 miles)
Generally midtown, but open to meeting elsewhere. We meet weekly on Thursdays 530pm.

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NJ Connecting Business and Marketplace to Christ
Professionals and business owners in Northern NJ area.
Fort Lee, NJ, USA (5385.1 miles)
Currently meeting virtually during the pandemic

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주예수사랑교회 9교구
주예수사랑교회 9교구
뉴저지 주예수사랑교회
United States, New Jersey, 리지필드 파크 (5387.8 miles)
Bergen 카운티 안에서 돌아가면서 모입니다

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KCBMC MD Rockville
메릴랜드 락빌에 위치한 KCBMC 모임입니다.
Rockville, MD, USA (5531.4 miles)

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SueLee’s Group
Read Bible
Cincinnati, OH, USA (5924 miles)

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