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Your family is the primary small group from which we ought to experience what it means to be the Church. God is love, and people come to know God through the love that we share (John 13:34-35). The family is the place to begin that practice of unconditional love. The experience we receive from one another can impact others around our family members, in their workplaces, schools, and wherever they go. Family is where true evangelism and discipleship begins.
Fathers, it is your role to lead your family and teach them what it means to be the Church of Jesus Christ. Encourage them to gather and speak honestly about things going on in their lives while also reading the Bible and praying together (see foundational activities of small groups).
Take a look at the following verses that talk about the importance of having a strong foundation with the family:
  1. Fathers must take a stand for their family to serve and trust God only. (Joshua 24:15)
  2. The love and unity between the husband and the wife represent the Church. It must be put into practice. (Ephesians 5:23-26)
  3. The entire family comes to faith by the head of the family. (Acts 16:31-34)

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Prayer Tents is a Christian mission organization that serves Christians around the world and their local bodies to make disciples ("evangelize") more effectively in their communities. Prayer Tents provides resources to enable Christians to form discipleship-focused small groups and make their gatherings known so that other "interested" people may participate and experience Christ in their midst. Our Vision is to make disciples in all nations through the local churches so that anyone seeking God can come to know Him through relationships with other Christians near them.

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