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Dependence Prayer: His Provision to Accomplish the Calling He Has for You

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Born out of the pandemic, this book is a response to the people who may feel discouraged, are uncertain of what to do, and are seeking direction. This is a comprehensive book on how to pray, especially when things seem dim around us. It is a reminder that God has a great calling for you, and the circumstances you see are only illusions that may limit your faith. Dr. Sang Sur, a Christian pastor who is also called to the marketplace, teaches you how to pray. In this book, you will learn: - Prayer is a conversation with God that only requires your trust in Him - Results of prayers including supernatural provisions and direction - How to speak to and hear from God with examples for application - How and when to pray, including fasting and praying for others God has called you to something greater, and it can only be accomplished through prayer.

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