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18. What were the most important times Moses had with God?
Asked by: Female, North America, Over 60 on May 2, 2021 1:16:57 pm


Thanks for the question.
Unfortunately, the answer will be a subjective, a non-objective one. It is like asking, what were the most important times you had with God? I can imagine you or I may reflect on our lives and pick out several, and if asked again a year later, we may pick out different ones.

So, if I were to reflect on my own life and transpose how that may have been for Moses, I would say his most "important" times were when He met God and whenever God delivered him from his troubles.

Exodus 3 is where Moses met God. Moses probably heard about God, especially as his sister Miriam and his birth mother reared him (see Exodus 2:8), but as far as we know, Moses did not encounter God until this time. He was 80 years old.

Moses was a successful prince of the highest power in the world at his time in the land of Egypt. He probably directed the most impactful projects that may have shaped Egypt; however, he was fired when he did wrong against his step-father, the Pharoah (Exodus 2:15). For forty years, he was probably depressed, felt he could never again amount to anything significant, and lived as a nobody taking care of sheep (Exodus 3:1).

It was at this time that God met Moses (See Exodus chapters 3+). Moses was probably both scared and had many doubts about what God was telling him to do. You may know that he said "no" to God five times because 1) He did not know God, know how powerful God is, and 2) because he was no longer sure of himself. However, God was not so forceful, even though God could have killed Moses on the first no. In fact, God answered and walked him through Moses' wrong rationales.

It was these initial moments where Moses began to grow in a relationship with God. Moses went out to his first assignment to go against the official who held the highest power in the world, the Pharaoh (See Exodus 7). Moses probably did not fully understand or trust God yet, but when Moses followed through, Aaron's staff turned into a snake and showed great power against the Pharaoh (Exodus 7:12). These culminating growths of faith starting with very little was perhaps most valuable to Moses.

Along the way, you may know about how when Moses cried out to God that all the Israel people were about to be killed by armed soldiers, that God opened up the sea to allow safe passage (Exodus 14). After that, Moses became more intimate with God by trusting Him and receiving answers. In the next chapter (Exodus 15), you can find the people of Israel, who were just rescued from death, complaining to God and Moses, saying they have no water to drink. When Moses asked God about it, God provided fresh water (Exodus 15:25).

There are many examples of this throughout the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible), where Moses was put up for a challenge, and whenever he prayed, God provided. These times with God, where Moses learned to trust God fully, were perhaps most important to Moses.

Answered by Dr. Sang Sur

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