Hymn 269. 웬 일인가 내 형제여 (Why not Believe, My Brother? Tell) - Prayer Tents

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Hymn 269장. (New Hymn 522장)
웬 일인가 내 형제여
(Why not Believe, My Brother? Tell)

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1. 웬 일인가 내 형제여
주 아니 믿다가
죄 값으로 지옥형벌
너도 받겠구나

2. 웬 일인가 내 형제여
마귀만 좇다가
저 마귀들 지옥 갈 때
너도 가겠구나

3. 웬 일인가 내 형제여
재물만 취하다
세상 물건 불탈 때에
너도 타겠구나

4. 웬 일인가 내 형제여
죄악에 매여서
한없이 고생하는 것
참 못 보겠구나

5. 여보시오 내 동포여
주께로 오시오
십자가에 못 박힌 주
너를 사랑하네
1. Why not believe, my brother? Tell!
Why not to heaven win?
Why die unsaved, for pains of hell,
The dreadful price of sin?

2. Why not believe, my brother? Think!
Why follow Satan's train?
When Satan's hosts to judgment sink
Why would you share their pain?

3. Why not believe, my brother? Say!
Why live for wealth and state?
When things of earth are burned away,
Why would you share that fate?

4. Why not believe, my brother? Friend!
Why, snared in evil ways,
Would you choose trouble without end,
And grief for all your days?

5. Indeed, my comrade! Life or loss
Rests, friend, on what you do!
Come to the Lord! He bore a cross
And died for love of you!

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