New Hymn . 우리는 부지런한 (Busy, we're worker for Him) - Prayer Tents

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New Hymn 332장.
우리는 부지런한
(Busy, we're worker for Him)

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With Lyrics:
1. 우리는 부지런한 예수님의 일꾼
의롭고 풍성한 나라의 주인
일하며 믿음의 꽃을 피우고
땀 흘려 사랑의 열매를 맺자

2. 우리는 충성하는 예수님의 일꾼
참되고 화평한 믿음의 형제
연장을 든 손에 생산이 있고
힘쓰는 노력에 부요가 있다

3. 우리는 전도하는 예수님의 일꾼
하나님 기업을 계승한 자녀
거친 들 옥토로 만들어 내고
황무지 낙원으로 가꾸어 가자
1. Busy, we're workers for Him, Always, as the Lord's own.
Ruling a fertile land, Kingdom of our God
Faith's flower growing through work, It is blooming now.
Shedding our sweat by work Gather in love's fruit.

2. Faithful, we're workers for Him, Always as the Lord's own.
Brothers and sisters in faith Living in God's peace,
Hands reaching out to work Multiply the crop
Strength and all effort today Bountiful harvest brings.

3. Witness as workers for Him, Living as the Lord's own.
You are the one to pass On work of our God.
Wild earth to riches of soil Doing what we can.
Carve out a paradise From empty waste land.

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