New Hymn . 하나님의 뜻을 따라 (After God's will, for His purpose) - Prayer Tents

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New Hymn 576장.
하나님의 뜻을 따라
(After God's will, for His purpose)

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With Lyrics:
1. 하나님의 뜻을 따라 태어난 생명
앓을세라 다칠세라 가슴 조이며
갖은 수고 온갖 고생 모두 바쳐서
어머니는 지성으로 나를 키우셨네

2. 잘 자라서 이 세상의 소금이 되고
어서 커서 어둔 세상 빛이 되라고
자나 깨나 오직 한 맘 빌고 또 빌던
어머니의 기도 소리 잊지 못하겠네

3. 나를 위해 고운 얼굴 주름이 지고
나를 위해 검은 머리 희어졌으니
하늘 높다 바다 깊다 말들 하지만
어머니의 사랑보다 더는 못하리라
1. After God's will, for His purpose Life is born on earth.
When she was down or her mind hurt Anxious worries came.
All the effort, all the troubles, Mother took herself.
With devotion did my mother Bring me up with her care.

2. Growing up well, always to be The salt of the world.
Quickly growing, for the dark world Be bright light that shines.
Sleeping, waking with one mind all, Prayer after pray'r
All of Mother's prayer for me I will never forget.

3. Face beautiful for my caring It is wrinkled now.
Her black hair, too for my caring It is whitened now.
High is heaven, deep is the sea, Although people say.
Nothing reaches father beyond Mother's love and her care.

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