New Hymn . 큰 영광 중에 계신 주 (Begin, My Tongue, Some Heavenly Theme) - Prayer Tents

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New Hymn 20장. (Hymn 4장)
큰 영광 중에 계신 주
(Begin, My Tongue, Some Heavenly Theme)

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With Lyrics:
1. 큰 영광 중에 계신 주
나 찬송합니다
영원히 계신 주 이름
나 찬송합니다

2. 한없이 크신 능력을
나 찬송합니다
참되고 미쁜 그 언약
나 찬송합니다

3. 온 천지 창조하시던
그 말씀 힘 있어
영원히 변치 않는 줄
나 믿사옵니다

4. 그 온유하신 주 음성
날 불러 주시고
그 품에 품어 주시니
나 찬송합니다
1. Begin, my tongue, some heavenly theme,
And Speak some boundless thing
The mighty works, or mightier name,
Of our eternal King.

2. Tell of His wondrous faithfulness,
And sound His power abroad
Sing the sweet promise of His grace,
The love and truth of God.

3. His very word of grace is strong
As that which built the skies
The voice that rolls the stars along
Speaks all the promises.

4. O might I hear Thy heavenly tongue
But whisper, "Thou art Mine,"
Those gentle words should raise my song
To notes almost divine.

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