New Hymn . 귀하신 주님 계신 곳 (Jesus, Wherever Thy People Meet) - Prayer Tents

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New Hymn 207장. (Hymn 243장)
귀하신 주님 계신 곳
(Jesus, Wherever Thy People Meet)

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With Lyrics:
1. 귀하신 주님 계신 곳
그 백성 함께 모이네
다 함께 주를 만나니
그곳은 거룩하도다

2. 겸손한 사람 마음에
주 항상 같이 계셔서
외로움 없게 하시고
천국에 인도하시네

3. 선하신 목자 우리 주
사랑이 풍성하도다
우리가 기다리오니
위로해 주시옵소서

4. 그 거룩하신 주 앞에
간절히 기도드리니
어둔 눈 즉시 밝아져
큰 영광 보게 하소서
1. Jesus, wherever Thy people meet,
There they behold Thy mercyseat;
Wherever they seek Thee Thou art found,
And every place in hallowed ground.

2. For Thou, within no walls confined,
Dost dwell with those of humble mind;
Such ever bring Thee where they come,
And, going, take Thee to their home.

3. Great Shepherd of Thy chosen few,
Thy former mercies here renew;
Here, to our waiting hearts, proclaim
The sweetness of Thy saving Name.

4. Here may we prove the power of prayer
To strengthen faith and sweeten care;
To teach our faint desires to rise,
And bring all heaven before our eyes.

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