New Hymn . 내 평생 살아온 길 (When I Think of the life passed) - Prayer Tents

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New Hymn 308장.
내 평생 살아온 길
(When I Think of the life passed)

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With Lyrics:
1. 내 평생 살아온 길 뒤를 돌아보오니
걸음마다 자욱마다 모두 죄뿐입니다
우리 죄를 사하신 주의 은혜 크시니
골고다의 언덕길 주님 바라봅니다

2. 나같이 못난 인간 주님께서 살리려
하늘나라 영광 보좌 모두 버리시었네
낮고 낮은 세상의 사람 형상 입으신
하나님의 큰 사랑 어디에다 견주리

3. 예수님 나의 주님 사랑의 주 하나님
이제 나는 예수님만 높이면서 살겠네
나의 남은 인생을 주와 동행하면서
주님 사랑 전하며 말씀 따라 살겠네
1. When I think of the life passed It is full of sins' gainst Him.
Every step I walked in my life It is full of things done wrong.
Jesus' grace has been so great. He has saved me from my sins.
Look at Jesus on the cross And thank Christ for His great love.

2. For the wretched sinner like me He has come to this our world.
Giving up the glorious throne He became a man like us.
Son of Man humbled Himself And the servant He became.
Where can we find such a love Other than our Jesus Christ.

3. Our Savior Lord, Jesus Christ, This Lord of mercy and love.
We will live this life from now on Praising Him throughout our life.
Walking with our Jesus Christ For the rest of our own life
We will follow His own step With our thanks for His great love.

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