Hymn 403. 나 위하여 십자가의 (My Life Flows Rich in Love and Grace) - Prayer Tents

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Hymn 403장. (New Hymn 303장)
나 위하여 십자가의
(My Life Flows Rich in Love and Grace)

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1. 나 위하여 십자가의
중한 고통 받으사
대신 죽은 주 예수의
사랑하신 은혜여
보배로운 피를 흘려
영영 죽을 죄에서
구속함을 얻은 우리
어찌 찬양 안 할까

2. 예수 안에 있는 우리
한량없이 즐겁고
주 성령의 위로함이
마음속에 차도다
천국 음악소리 같은
은혜로운 그 말씀
끊임없이 듣는 우리
어찌 찬양 안 할까

3. 이 세상의 모진 풍파
쉬지 않고 불어도
주님 안에 보호 받는
우리 마음 편하다
늘 깨어서 기도하고
저 천국을 바라며
주님만을 기다리니
어찌 찬양 안 할까
1. My life flows rich in love and grace
By Christ in mercy offered,
Who anguish bore, and took my place,
When on the cross He suffered.
His precious blood He Shed to free,
From sin and all its stinging,
Death destined sinners such as we!
How can I keep form singing?

2. Who live in Christ are blest to know
A joy beyond all measure,
His Spirit's gifts the heart overflow
Our comfort, grace and treasure.
His word of grace, through endless years
New blessedness still bringing,
Is heaven's music in my ears.
How can I keep form singing?

3. The storms of earth may rend and tear
And never cease distressing,
But we, safe kept in Jesus' care,
Know endless peace and blessing.
Then as we watch and wait and yearn,
And prayers on high are winging,
While I await our Lord's return,
How can I keep form singing?

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