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New Hymn 248장.
언약의 주 하나님
(Father, God in heaven above)

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With Lyrics:
1. 언약의 주 하나님
우리들의 아버지
믿음의 조상인
아들을 주시마
친히 약속하시고
때가 되어 이삭을
나게 하셨네

2. 아들 이삭 주셔서
그 약속을 이루고
손으로 만지며
확인하게 하셨네
출애굽 약속은
보지 못하였어도
아브라함 죽은 후

3. 영원한 저 천국은
지금 안 뵐지라도
약속의 천국은
분명한 나의 본향
약속 다 이루어
보여 주셨으니
주님 예수 믿으면
천국에 가네
1. Father, God in heaven above Him we worship with our thanks.
God promised Abraham, That he will have his own son.
When the time came for him Sarah begot son, Isaac.
God His promise always keeps When His time has come.

2. God of promise, God on high He keeps His Words all the time.
We can trust His own words As the case of Abraham.
Though we can't see with eyes His great work of Exodus.
God, the Lord of covenant; People trust His Word.

3. We may not His kingdom see, Everlasting realm of God.
Though we can't see with eyes He prepared our home for us.
He surely keeps His Words, Even we see it in life.
We will meet Him at the last, In our home in Heaven.

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