New Hymn . 아침 햇살 비칠 때 (As the sun its morning light) - Prayer Tents

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New Hymn 443장.
아침 햇살 비칠 때
(As the sun its morning light)

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With Lyrics:
1. 아침 햇살 비칠 때 찬란하듯이
주님 얼굴 대할 때 마음 즐겁다
우리 주님 내 맘에 빛나는 태양
문 앞에서 머무시는 주님 영접해
한평생을 주와 함께

2. 온 세상이 빛없어 캄캄해질 때
뜻과 정성 다 모아 주 영접하자
마음속에 풍랑이 일어날 때도
믿는 이의 참 소망은 우리 주님뿐
일생토록 주 섬기며

3. 어둔 구름 걷히고 해가 빛나듯
모든 죄를 씻으니 기쁨 넘치네
주의 은혜 맘속에 가득히 받아
생명의 주 늘 모시고 향기가 되어
영광스런 한 세상을
빛내어 보자
1. As the sun it's morning light proudly shines on us When we meet Christ face to thee.
Faces shine with joy, Jesus living in my heart shines as my soul's sun.
Before the door He is standing, Give the Lord welcome.
A life we live, walk we Christ's way Following the Lord.

2. There's no light in this whole world as the darkness grows; Let us gather will and strength.
Let's accept the Lord Even though a heavy sea rises up in us.
One who believes finds hope alone Trusting in the Lord.
For all our life service we'll give Following the Lord.

3. Go away, dark cloud above, as the sunlight shines 'Cause our sin is washed away.
Happiness overflows Hearts are filled with God's great grace to the very brim.
Life's living Lord we take with us, He is incense sweet.
How glorious is the world seen When the light shines through.

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