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New Hymn 602장. (Hymn 286장)
성부님께 빕니다
(Here, O Father, This Our Prayer)

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With Lyrics:
1. 성부님께 빕니다
신랑 신부 두 사람
하나 되는 이 시간
복을 내려주소서

2. 성자님께 빕니다
이 두 사람 도우사
서로 위해 섬기며
한 길 가게 하소서

3. 성령님께 빕니다
크신 권능 베푸사
환난 시험 만나도
승리하게 하소서

4. 세상에서 살 동안
행복하게 하시고
함께 가게 하소서
1. Here, O Father, this our prayer,
That this bride and bridegroom may
In this hour of union share
Special blessings of the day.

2. Here, O Son of God, our prayer:
By Your aid on them bestowed,
Each for each in love and care
May they walk a single road.

3. Holy Spirit, hear our prayer:
In distress or trial's hour
Grant them victor's crowns to wear
By th'outpouring of Your power.

4. May their earthly journey know
Grace and gladness all the way,
Till, together still, they go
Into heaven's eternal day.

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