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New Hymn 70장. (Hymn 79장)
피난처 있으니
(God is Our Refuge Strong)

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With Lyrics:
1. 피난처 있으니
환난을 당한 자 이리 오라
땅들이 변하고 물결이 일어나
산 위에 넘치되 두렵잖네

2. 이방이 떠들고
나라들 모여서 진동하나
우리 주 목소리 한 번만 발하면
천하에 모든 것 망하겠네

3. 만유 주 하나님
우리를 도우니 피난처요
세상의 난리를 그치게 하시니
세상의 창검이 쓸데없네

4. 높으신 하나님
우리를 구하니 할렐루야
괴롬이 심하고 환난이 극하나
피난처 되시는 주 하나님
1. God is our refuge strong,
Let all who suffer wrong Find welcome here.
Here, though earth stand no more, Though oceans rage and roar
And break the mountains over, We shall not fear.

2. Peoples and nations shake
When raging heathen make Their malice felt.
But once a single word Of our Lord's voice was heard
A greater thing occurred: The earth did melt.

3. Our God, the Lord of all,
Our help, our tower tall, Will not us fail.
To earth's remotest shore He makes wars rage no more
Sword, spear, the tools of war Can naught avail.

4. Our Lord, great God above,
Saves us in power and love Praise ye the Lord!
Though grief and pain be rife, Sharp woe and bitter strife,
Our refuge and our life Is our Lord God.

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