Hymn 378. 이전에 주님을 내가 몰라 (Once Knowing not the Lord for From His Face) - Prayer Tents

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Hymn 378장. (New Hymn 597장)
이전에 주님을 내가 몰라
(Once Knowing not the Lord for From His Face)

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1. 이전에 주님을 내가 몰라
영광의 주님을 비방했다
지극한 그 은혜 내게 넘쳐
날 불러 주시니 고마워라

2. 나 받은 달란트 얼마런가
나 힘써 그것을 남기어서
갑절로 주님께 바치오면
충성된 종이라 상주시리

3. 천하고 무능한 나에게도
귀중한 직분을 맡기셨다
그 은혜 고맙고 고마워라
이 생명 바쳐서 충성하리

4. 내 하는 일들이 하도 적어
큰 열매 눈앞에 안뵈어도
주님께 죽도록 충성하면
생명의 면류관 얻으리라
1. Once, Knowing not the Lord, for from His face,
My Load of Glory I dared to defy as a shame.
But Overflowing, unsearchable grace
Called me in love, and how grateful am I!

2. Be any talents I'm given what they may,
If I work well with the gifts He supplies
Bringing my Load equal earnings, He'll say,
"Well done, good servant; receive now the prize!"

3. Naught though I be. without powers or place,
How great the place He has called me to fill!
Thank you, I thank you, O Load, for such grace!
Here take this life, to live at my Lord's will!

4. All of my doing is barely a breath;
Great fruits I have not for any to see.
But if I'm faithful to Him unto death
There'll be a crown of life, even for me!

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