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New Hymn 514장.
먼동 튼다 일어나라
(Wake up, wake up!)

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With Lyrics:
1. 먼동 튼다 일어나라 복음 전하자
논과 밭에 씨 뿌리듯 복음 전하자
하나님이 주신 말씀 심어 가꾸면
귀한 생명 풍성하게 거두게 되리

2. 우리 주님 추수 때에 일꾼 부른다
어서어서 나오라고 일꾼 부른다
때 잃으면 어찌하나 세상 사람들
살려달라 애타도록 소리치누나

3. 비바람이 몰아쳐도 힘써 일하자
고단하고 외로워도 힘써 일하자
이 땅 위에 하늘나라 이루어질 때
할렐루야 소리 높여 찬양하리라
1. Wake up, wake up! it is morning! Let us spread good news.
As if scatt'ring seed on fresh earth, Let us spread good news.
If we plant and care for Your Word, Word You gave us, Lord,
Precious life abundantly, Lord, You the harvest reap.

2. God is calling workers to Him Harvest time has come.
Let us rise and join the workers. Harvest time has come.
If we miss this time, what happens? People of the world
Wait for rescue, look for You, Lord, Cry for help O, Lord.

3. Even though the rain and winds beat, Let us still work on.
Even if we're tired and lonely, Let us still work on.
When God's Kingdom comes on this earth, As you promised, Lord,
Hallelujah, raising voices, We will praise You, Lord.

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