New Hymn . 꽃이 피고 새가 우는 (Flowers blooming, singing of birds) - Prayer Tents

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New Hymn 476장.
꽃이 피고 새가 우는
(Flowers blooming, singing of birds)

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With Lyrics:
1. 꽃이 피고 새가 우는
아름다운 봄이 왔네
하나님이 창조하신
산과 들이 푸르러라
이 좋은 날 마음 열고
아이처럼 뛰어놀며
우리 주님 크신 사랑
찬송하며 기뻐하세

2. 모든 식물 무럭무럭
자라나는 여름 왔네
하나님의 푸른 생명
산과 들에 가득하다
우리 주가 주시는 힘
불길처럼 솟아올라
젊었을 때 기운차게
부지런히 일 해보세

3. 무르익은 모든 곡식
풍성해진 가을 왔네
하나님이 주신 열매
집집마다 가득하다
자라나고 익게 하신
그 솜씨가 고마워서
거둔 열매 하나님께
다 드려서 감사하세

4. 산과 들에 흰 눈 덮여
깨끗해진 겨울 왔네
주홍같이 붉은 죄도
흰 눈같이 사함 받네
죄 없으신 우리 주님
이 땅 위에 내려오사
우리 위해 대신 죽은
그 사랑을 찬양하세
1. Flowers blooming, singing of birds Tell the world that spring time has come.
Every hill and pasture of green God's created all of these things.
Open hearted such a fine day Run and jump and play like a child.
My Lord, my Lord O your great love Joyful, joyful praising my Lord.

2. Every plant is stretching its arms Growing season summer has come.
All things living pasture of green God's creation filling the earth.
With God's power like a bright fire, Burning rising, flame of great strength,
Full of power when you are young, Serve God gladly work for the Lord.

3. Lord of harvest, reapers send forth Harvest season autumn has come.
Fruits of mercy plenteous fruits All the homes are full of God's grain.
God who made the fields to bear fruit, For Your power we give You our thanks.
When the harvest has been brought in We give all to You with our thanks.

4. Every hill and pasture is white Clear and sparkling winter has come.
Though your sins are scarlet as blood. They shall be as white as the snow.
Sinless Jesus come to the earth, Saved us from our sins, O my Lord.
Died in our place loving us so, For His love we praise You, O God.

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