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New Hymn 588장. (Hymn 307장)
공중 나는 새를 보라
(See the Birds That Fly the Heavens)

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With Lyrics:
1. 공중 나는 새를 보라
농사하지 않으며
곡식 모아 곳간 안에
들인 것이 없어도
세상 주관하는 주님
새를 먹여 주시니
너희 먹을 것을 위해
근심할 것 무어냐

2. 들의 백합화를 보라
길쌈 수고 안 해도
솔로몬의 입은 옷도
이 꽃만 못하였네
아궁 속에 던질 풀도
귀히 입히시거든
사랑하는 자녀들을
입히시지 않으랴

3. 너희들은 세상에서
무엇 먹고 마시며
무슨 옷을 입고 살까
염려하지 말아라
이는 이방 사람들이
간구하는 것이요
너희 하늘 아버지는
너희 쓸 것 아신다

4. 너는 먼저 주의 나라
그의 의를 구하면
하나님이 모든 것을
너희에게 주시리
내일 일을 위하여서
아무 염려 말지니
내일 염려하지 말라
오늘 고생 족하다
1. See the birds that fly the heavens,
How they neither plow the earth.
Nor yet gather for the storehouse
Any fruits the ground brings forth.
Yet your heavenly Father feeds them;
Then what future can you dread?
You to Him so much more precious,
Shall you not like them be fed?

2. See the lilies of the meadow,
How they neither toil nor spin.
Yet their raiment makes the splendor
Of King Solomon seem dim.
Then shall God not clothe His children,
Whom He loves, for whom He years,
If He so bedecks the grasses
Which the farmer cuts and burns?

3. Be not anxious for the future,
What to eat or drink or wear,
For such foolish fears and worries
Are th'unb'lieving gentiles' care.
But your heavenly Father's bounty
Bears you up on eagles' wings,
And before you ask, your Father
Knows you need of all these things.

4. Seek you first your Father's Kingdom,
And His righteousness, and do
Not your will but His, and surely
These things shall be added, too.
Be not anxious for tomorrow,
Carry no day's burdens twice.
God has planned that each day's troubles
For their own day shall suffice.

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