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New Hymn 203장.
하나님의 말씀은
(Holy are the Words of God)

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With Lyrics:
1. 하나님의 말씀은
생명의 말씀이라
광야 같은 세상에
길 잃고 방황할 때
절망 중에 빠진 이 몸
하나님 보호하사
생명 샘이 솟아 나와
새 힘이 넘칩니다

2. 하나님의 말씀은
은혜의 말씀이라
누구든지 믿고서
참으로 회개하면
하나님이 사해 주사
구원함 베푸시고
가이없는 큰 은혜로
늘 품어 주십니다

3. 하나님의 말씀은
진리의 말씀이라
믿음으로 지키어
자유를 얻게 되면
어려운 일 힘든 일도
담대히 할 수 있어
온전하신 말씀으로
승리케 하십니다

4. 하나님의 말씀은
사랑의 말씀이라
험한 세상 살 동안
언제나 돌보시고
변함없는 사랑으로
우리를 지키시어
하늘나라 이르도록
인도해 주십니다
1. Holy are the Wards of God, Words of the life and the truth.
When we're lost in desert lands. Not knowing where to proceed.
He will lead us with His strong hands Saving us from the despair.
Living waters spring out in lands. Making us strong and refreshed.

2. Graceful are the Wards of God, Words of His love and His grace.
When we come with faith in Him, Confessing all of our sins.
God will forgive all of our sins, Making us saved and reborn.
He will make us brave and strong, Protecting us in His arms.

3. Truthful are the Wards of God, Words of the truth and the life.
When we live with faith in Him, We will be free in His truth.
In crisis times we will be strong Because He takes care of us.
God will make us overcome all, When we are in His strong hands.

4. Full of love the Wards of God, Words of His comforting love.
When we face the cruel life. He keeps us in His strong hands.
God will lead us in our own life in danger keeping us safe.
To Your Kingdom lead us Oh God, Where we all meet together.

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