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New Hymn 62장.
고요히 머리 숙여
(Silently we bow our heads)

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With Lyrics:
1. 고요히 머리 숙여 주님 생각합니다
머리도 둘 곳 없이 고생하신 예수님
쉴 곳을 주시오니 깊이 감사합니다

2. 고요히 머리 숙여 하루 생각합니다
지은 죄 많사오나 용서하여 주시고
주님의 은총 속에 편히 쉬게 하소서

3. 고요히 머리 숙여 이웃 생각합니다
슬픔과 괴롬 중에 시달리는 사람들
하늘의 평강으로 고이 감싸 주소서

4. 고요히 머리 숙여 나를 생각합니다
곤한 몸 잠이 들어 깨어나지 못할 때
주님의 품 안에서 안식하게 하소서
1. Silently we bow our heads, And we think of Christ our Lord.
Son of Man he has no place Where to lay His head on earth.
Thanks to Lord, Jesus, we give. He gives us a place to rest.

2. Silently we bow our heads, And we think of our days, Lord.
Though our sins many fold are, You forgive us all our sins.
We give our thanks to Jesus. He makes us rest in His grace.

3. Silently we bow our heads, And we think of our friends, Lord.
When we face danger and pain Circling us on every hand.
Comfort us in every way, Embrace us with'n Your great peace.

4. Silently I bow our heads, Lord, I think of myself, then.
Shine though tonight Your light, Keep me until Bright morning;
If I couldn't wake up the dawn, Lord, lift up me Heavenly Home.

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