New Hymn . 소리 없이 보슬보슬 (Like springtime rain quietly come) - Prayer Tents

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New Hymn 307장.
소리 없이 보슬보슬
(Like springtime rain quietly come)

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With Lyrics:
1. 소리 없이 보슬보슬 내리는 저 봄비처럼
내 가슴에 사무치는 주의 음성 고마워라
줄기마다 잎이 돋고 가지마다 꽃이 피어
주렁주렁 열매 맺어 나의 삶은 풍요롭다

2. 진리의 뜻 밝혀주고 사랑의 힘 심어주니
은혜롭고 풍성하신 주의 말씀 고마워라
모든 사람 가슴마다 전해지는 복된 소식
어두움을 몰아내고 밝은 세상 동 터온다

3. 우리 주님 자취 따라 나도 걷는 십자가 길
가난하고 외로운 자 죄인들의 친구 예수
영광 중에 다시 뵈올 주의 날을 기다리며
넘어지고 쓰러져도 죽기까지 따르오리
1. Like springtime rain quietly come Jesus' voice comes softly to me.
I thank the Lord for His clear call: I will cherish it in my heart.
On the branches are green leaves full: Beautiful are blossoms on trees.
Full of bounty my life in Christ: In His grace I live all my life.

2. True words of God come to my mind In His grace I gladly receive.
They make me know what is the truth, Plant in me the power of His love.
Proclaim Good news to all people, His salvation into their minds.
All dark forces driven away As His power comes into my life.

3. I follow Him in His own steps To the cross on Calvary's hill.
He was the true friend of the poor And to homeless people on earth.
Christ will come back as He promised. We will meet Him in our great joy.
For Christ Jesus we will follow. Even death cannot defeat us.

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