New Hymn . 서쪽 하늘 붉은 노을 (On the hill side the sun is set) - Prayer Tents

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New Hymn 158장.
서쪽 하늘 붉은 노을
(On the hill side the sun is set)

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With Lyrics:
1. 서쪽 하늘 붉은 노을 언덕 위에 비치누나
연약하신 두 어깨에 십자가를 생각하니
머리에 쓴 가시관과 몸에 걸친 붉은 옷에
피 흘리며 걸어가신 영문 밖의 길이라네

2. 한 발자국 두 발자국 걸어가는 자국마다
땀과 눈물 붉은 피가 가득하게 고였구나
간악하다 유대인들 포악하다 로마 병정
걸음마다 자국마다 갖은 곤욕 보셨도다

3. 눈물 없이 못 가는 길 피 없이는 못 가는 길
영문 밖의 좁은 길이 골고다의 길이라네
영생의 복 얻으려면 이 길만을 걸어야 해
배고파도 올라가고 죽더라도 올라가세

4. 아픈 다리 싸매주고 저는 다리 고쳐주고
보지 못한 눈을 열어 영생 길을 보여주니
온갖 고통 다하여도 제 십자가 바로 지고
골고다의 높은 고개 나도 가게 하옵소서
1. On the hill side the sun is set. Bright twilights all cov'ring the earth.
On His shoulder He had the cross Oft'n I think of our dearest Lord.
The crown of thorns upon His head Royal red robe He had to wear.
This is the way Jesus passed by, Out of the city, the narrow way.

2. When He passed by, hearing the cross, Sweat and blood were seen in his steps.
One by one step He had to go To the place called Calvary's hill.
Oh vicious were rulers of Jews. Merciless were soldiers of Rome.
Upon His step where He went on, All the suff'ring He had to bear.

3. Without tears and shedding of blood No one can pass this holy way.
Jesus went to Golgotha's hill On His shoulder He carried cross.
We have to go this narrow way For the blessings God grants to us.
We will go up all the way through Ev'n we have to die on this way.

4. Jesus cured our weak and sick legs, Made us walk and run up to You.
Jesus opened our blinded eyes, Making us see the way to life.
We will stand fast bearing our cross Through the pains and trials of life.
Jesus our Lord make us proceed To the place where thy cross was raised.

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