New Hymn . 어두움 후에 빛이 오며 (Light After Darkness) - Prayer Tents

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New Hymn 487장. (Hymn 535장)
어두움 후에 빛이 오며
(Light After Darkness)

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With Lyrics:
1. 어두움 후에 빛이 오며
바람 분 후에 잔잔하고
소나기 후에 햇빛 나며
수고한 후에 쉼이 있네

2. 연약함 후에 강건하며
애통한 후에 위로 받고
눈물 난 후에 웃음 있고
씨 뿌린 후에 추수하네

3. 괴로움 후에 평안 있고
슬퍼한 후에 기쁨 있고
멀어진 후에 가까우며
고독함 후에 친구 있네

4. 고생한 후에 기쁨 있고
십자가 후에 영광 있고
죽음 온 후에 영생하니
이러한 도가 진리로다
1. Light after darkness, Gain after loss,
Strength after weakness, Crown after cross;
Sweet after bitter, Hope after fears,
Home after wandering, Praise after tears.

2. Sheaves after sowing, Sun after rain,
Sight after mystery, Peace after pain;
Joy after sorrow, Calm after blast,
Rest after weariness, Sweet rest at last.

3. Near after distant, Gleam after gloom,
Love after loneliness, Life after tomb
After long agony, Rapture of bliss,
Right was the pathway, Leading to this.

4. Bliss after agony, Gain after loss,
Home after wandering, Grown after cross.
After breath's failure, Life evermore.
Such ways are truth, Blessed and sure!

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