New Hymn . 주여 어린 사슴이 (Lord, just as the thirsty fawn) - Prayer Tents

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New Hymn 392장.
주여 어린 사슴이
(Lord, just as the thirsty fawn)

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With Lyrics:
1. 주여 어린 사슴이 목이 갈하여
시냇물을 찾으며 허덕이듯이
나의 갈급한 영은 살아계신 주
나 진정 사모함으로 애가 탑니다

2. 악한 원수 마귀는 나를 비웃어
너의 찾는 하나님 어디 있느냐
종일 핍박하오니 나는 주야에
눈물을 흘려 음식을 삼았나이다

3. 나는 머리 수그려 한숨 지오니
옛날 성전 그리워 눈물집니다
주의 폭포 소리는 산을 울리고
큰 바다 물결 일어나 넘치나이다

4. 슬픈 마음 행여나 품지 말지라
낮에 인자하심을 내게 베풀고
어둔 밤에 노래로 품어주시니
나 진정 주를 우러러 사모합니다
1. Lord, just as the thirsty fawn searches for a brook
Needing water from the stream, so I seek for You.
With my soul so parched and dry. to the living Lord My
burning heart cries earnestly, searching, for my God.

2. How the devil taunts my soul, making, fun of me,
Asking, "Where is Him you seek?" saying. "There's no God!"
Persecuted all day long, every day and night, My
tears come flowing down my face: nothing, can I eat.

3. With my head bowed in despairs, breathing painful sighs,
Then my longing heart recalls where God's people pray.
Sounds of water falls I hear echo from the peaks. God's
waves and breakers riseup high, overflowing all!

4. Keep not sadness in your heart! Put your hope in God!
All day long He fills my life with His merciful.
And at night. He gives to me many songs to sing. So
my true Lord, I lift You up, praising You on high!

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