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New Hymn 100장.
미리암과 여인들이
(Miriam and all the women)

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With Lyrics:
1. 미리암과 여인들이 춤을 추며 노래하고
전쟁 무기 멀리하고 하나님을 기뻐하네
온갖 수난 이겨내고 평화 세상 바라보며
역사 안에 살아계신 하나님을 찬양하리

2. 마리아는 이웃들과 기도하며 노래하고
비천함을 높이셨던 하나님을 기뻐하네
갈릴리의 사람들과 평화 세상 바라보며
세상 속에 태어나실 예수님을 찬양하리

3. 오랫동안 기다려 온 백성들이 노래하고
구원 실현 약속하신 하나님을 기뻐하네
분열 분쟁 사라지는 평화 세상 바라보며
평등 인간 창조하신 하나님을 기다리세
1. Miriam and all the women Dancing all round, Singing the songs.
All the weapons they throw them out, They rejoiced before the Lord.
Overcoming all the suff'rings, Looking for peace in the future.
Let us praise Him, our living God Let us praise Him, history's Lord.

2. With the neighbors Mary praised God Dancing all round with joyful songs.
Mary praised God who made her blessed She was joyful before the Lord.
With the people from Galilee Looking for peace in the future.
Let us praise Him, Jesus our Lord Who was born to the world we live.

3. All the people waiting for Him Singing songs and dancing all round.
Praise the Lord God who has promised Our salvation through Jesus Christ.
Looking for peace, winning the war We will achieve peace for the world.
Let us praise God who made us all Equal to Him in his presence.

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