New Hymn . 순교자의 흘린 피가 (Blood flow martyrs that flows down) - Prayer Tents

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New Hymn 318장.
순교자의 흘린 피가
(Blood flow martyrs that flows down)

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With Lyrics:
1. 순교자의 흘린 피가
역사 속에 맥박치고
전도자가 뿌린 복음
우리 강산 밝히었다
초대교회 귀한 믿음
이어받아 충성하고
선진들의 값진 희생
열매 맺어 보답하자

2. 동서남북 모든 사람
주 안에서 하나이니
주 예수님 말씀 따라
내 몸같이 사랑하자
금수강산 방방곡곡
복음으로 꽃 피우며
땅끝까지 복된 소식
널리 널리 전파하자

3. 성부 성자 성령님께
할렐루야 찬송하며
말씀으로 인도받아
승리하는 삶을 살리
죽기까지 충성하여
그 나라에 들림 받아
주 앞에서 생명의
면류관을 받으리라
1. Blood flow martyrs that flows down Is the heart beat, history's pulse.
Martyr's witness seeding Word Made our fair land ever more bright.
Precious witness. early church faith. We will follow faithful to death.
Sacrifice our forefathers made Let's bring harvest as our response.

2. From the East, West, South and North People all are one in our Lord
In the teaching of our Lord Love your neighbor as yourself.
Garden nation, In every part, Flowering gospel, make it bloom
Blessed good news, spread it abroad Sound it out to ends of the earth.

3. To the Father and to the Son To the Spirit praise we sing.
We'll be guided by God's Word And will live in victory
Ev'n to dying keeping our faith, Led to heaven we will fly
We shall stand before the Lord, Wear the crown for ever more.

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