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New Hymn 334장.
위대하신 주를
(This is a time remember)

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With Lyrics:
1. 위대하신 주를 나 기억하겠네
언약하신 대로 날 인도하시네
저 단비와 같은 은혜 늘 내려 주시니
그 크신 주의 사랑 날 구속하셨네

2. 영광스런 주를 나 기억하면서
앞을 바라보며 나 달려가리라
주 우리와 함께하며 늘 동행하시니
성령의 능력으로 섬기게 하소서

3. 교회 머리 되신 주 기억하면서
힘과 부귀 모두 나 주께 바치네
참 충성된 종이 되어 그 길을 가면서
주 다시 올 때까지 교회를 섬기리
1. This is a time to remember the greatness of the Lord;
He has so faithfully led us as promised in His Word;
He has so bountif'lly given His grace like freshening rain;
He has so lovingly pardoned and made us whole again.

2. This is a time to remember the glories that have been;
This is a time to press onward to vistas yet unseen; for
Christ is alive in His people, He meets us face to face; He
Grants us the power of His Spirit to serve Him in this place.

3. This is a time to remember the Church is His, not ours;
This is a time to surrender ourselves, our wealth, our powers;
This is a time to be servants to give ourselves away,
Building the Church of the future until the coming day.

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