New Hymn . 하나님은 우리들의 (Truly Lord is our Father) - Prayer Tents

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New Hymn 223장.
하나님은 우리들의
(Truly Lord is our Father)

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With Lyrics:
1. 하나님은 우리들의 참된 아버지
사랑하는 아들딸로 삼아주셨다
거룩하신 아버지의 뜻을 따라서
성별된 자녀답게 살아가리라

2. 예수님은 우리들의 참된 스승님
사랑하는 제자들로 삼아주셨다
그 귀하신 가르침을 깊이 배워서
훌륭한 제자답게 따라가리라

3. 사도들은 우리들의 장한 선배들
충성되이 주를 섬긴 그들 본받아
죽기까지 복음 전파 사명 다하여
충실한 후배답게 충성하리라

4. 아버지를 잘 섬기어 좋은 자녀로
스승님께 잘 배워서 좋은 제자로
선배들을 본받아서 좋은 후배로
우리의 귀하신 분 지켜나가자
1. Truly Lord is our Father, Father in heaven.
We are children, God made us so Through our faith in God.
Holy is God we His children live for His great will.
We will live us sanctified one In our daily life.

2. Truly Lord is our teacher, Teacher of the truth.
He has called us as disciples To be fishers of men.
Let us learn deep in our minds teachings of our Lord.
We will live as His disciples, Going after Him.

3. Faithful have been forefathers, Pioneers of faith.
Let us follow their examples For our Jesus, Lord.
Throughout our life let us proclaim His salvation free.
We will follow their examples Through our daily life.

4. Serving parents with kind mind As a child of God.
We will follow good examples As they showed to us.
Follow their life of good faith as devoted ones.
Let us keep on with serving life In our daily work.

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