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New Hymn 355장. (Hymn 386장)
다 같이 일어나
(March on, O Soul, with Strength)

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With Lyrics:
1. 다 같이 일어나
용감히 싸워라
저 마귀 물리친
옛 성도들같이
그 어떤 고난 당해도
주 영광 드러내리라

2. 옛 성도 걸어간
그 길을 따라서
이 거룩한 싸움
늘 싸워 이기며
이 세상 유혹 물리쳐
내 주만 따라가리라

3. 힘차게 나가자
큰 싸움 할 때에
주님의 강한 손
내 능력 되시면
저 마귀 능히 물리쳐
늘 승리하게 되리라

4. 주님만 의지해
힘차게 나가자
이 거룩한 싸움
곧 끝이 나리니
저 승리의 면류관을
내 주가 주시리로다
1. March on, O soul, with strength,
Like those strong men of old,
Who 'gainst enthroned wrong
Stood confident and bold;
Who, thrust in prison or cast to flame,
Still made their glory in your name.

2. The sons of fathers we
By whom our faith is taught
To fear no ill, to fight
The holy fight they fought;
Heroic warriors, never from Christ
By any lure or guile enticed.

3. March on, O soul, with strength,
As strong the battle rolls;
'Gainst lies and lusts and wrongs,
Let courage rule our souls;
In keenest strife, Lord, may we stand,
Upheld and strengthened by your hand.

4. Not long the conflict: soon
The holy war shall cease;
Faith's warfare ended: won
The home of endless peace.
Look up! the victor's crown at length!
March on, O soul, march on with strength.

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