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New Hymn 420장. (Hymn 212장)
너 성결키 위해
(Take Time to be Holy)

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With Lyrics:
1. 너 성결키 위해 늘 기도하며
너 주 안에 있어 늘 성경 보고
온 형제들 함께 늘 사귀면서
일하기 전마다 너 기도하라

2. 너 성결키 위해 네 머리 숙여
저 은밀히 계신 네 주께 빌라
주 사귀어 살면 주 닮으리니
널 보는 이마다 주 생각하리

3. 너 성결키 위해 주 따라가고
일 다급하여도 당황치 말고
참 즐거울 때나 또 슬플 때나
너 주님만 믿고 늘 따라가라

4. 너 성결키 위해 늘 기도하며
네 소원을 주께 다 맡기어라
너 성령을 받아 주 섬겨 살면
저 천국에 가서 더 잘 섬기리
1. Take time to be holy, Speak oft with the Lord;
Abide in Him always, And feed on His Word.
Make friends with God's children; Help those who are weak,
Forgetting in nothing His blessing to seek.

2. Take time to be holy, The world rushes on;
Spend much time in secret With Jesus alone.
By looking to Jesus, Like Him thou shalt be;
Thy friends in thy conduct His likeness shall see.

3. Take time to be holy, Let Him be thy Guide;
And run no before Him, Whatever betide.
In joy or in sorrow, Still follow thy Lord
And, looking to Jesus, Still trust in His Word.

4. Take time to be holy, Be calm in thy soul;
Each thought and each motive Beneath His control;
Thus led by His Spirit To fountains of love,
Thou soon shalt be fitted For service above.

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