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New Hymn 403장.
영원하신 주님의
(If it were not for your grace)

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With Lyrics:
1. 영원하신 주님의 은총 아니면
나는 진정 가련한 죄인이로다
이 죄인이 구원을 받지 못했더라면
나는 이미 오래전 죽었으리라

2. 세상 사람 모두 다 믿지 말래도
마음속에 소망과 믿음 가지고
주님 말씀 들으며 찬양하리 주님께
맘과 뜻을 다하여 영광 돌리리

3. 주님 나의 선하신 목자 되시니
모든 죄와 두려움 사라지도다
기쁜 마음 가지고 주와 함께 가면서
힘써 사랑하면서 봉사하리라

4. 하나님은 우리의 거룩하신 왕
영원하신 진리의 말씀이시니
가난하고 연약한 나의 영혼 살피사
주와 함께 숨 쉬며 살게 하소서
1. If it were not for your grace and your saving power.
I would have been so hopeless sinner in the world.
If such a sinner as I had not been saved by the Lord.
I would have been dead from a long long time ago.

2. When the people ask me to forsake my dear Lord.
l will have my faith and hope in Jesus my Lord.
I will praise His name aloud when I hear His Words for me.
I will give Him glory with my mind and my heart.

3. When He is my good shepherd leading me along.
All the sin and danger will disappear from me.
I will work with Lord Jesus with my happy heart and mind.
I will serve my neighbor with kindness and with love.

4. He's the holy king and the Shepherd for us all.
He is our eternal God and our Words of truth.
Although weak and poor I am, He looks with mercy on me.
Make me live with Jesus with till my every breathe.

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