New Hymn . 유월절 때가 이르러 (‘Twas on That Night When Doomed to Know) - Prayer Tents

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New Hymn 232장. (Hymn 282장)
유월절 때가 이르러
(‘Twas on That Night When Doomed to Know)

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With Lyrics:
1. 유월절 때가 이르러
주 팔리시던 날 밤에
온 제자 둘러 모인 때
주께서 떡을 떼셨네

2. 천지를 다스리시는
천부께 감사드리고
주께서 떡을 떼어서
제자들에게 주셨네

3. 이것은 너를 위한 몸
다 함께 받아먹으라
인자의 죽음 전하며
날 기억하라 하셨네

4. 그 후에 손에 잔 들고
또다시 감사드리고
주님의 얼굴 빛나며
입 열어 말씀하셨네

5. 이 잔은 너를 위한 피
너희를 위한 새 언약
영원한 언약 그대로
큰 은혜 부어주리라

6. 이 잔을 입에 댈 때에
너 나를 생각하여라
내 몸과 내 피 네 맘에
영원한 생명 되리라
1. 'Twas on that night when doomed to know
The eager spite of every foe,
That night in which He was betrayed,
The savior of the world took bread.

2. And, after thanks and glory given
To Him that rules in earth and heaven,
That Symbol of His flesh He broke,
And thus to all his foll'wers spoke.

3. "My broken body thus I give
For you, for all. Take, eat, and live.
And oft the sacred rite renew
That brings my saving love to view."

4. Then in His hands the cup He raised,
And God anew He thanked and praised,
While kindness in His bosom glowed,
And from His lips salvation flowed.

5. "My blood I thus pour forth," He cries,
"To cleanse the soul in sin that lies;
In this the covenant is sealed,
And heaven's eternal grace revealed."

6. "With love to man this cup is fraught;
Let all partake the sacred draught;
Through latest ages let it pour,
In memory of my dying hour."

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